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Mindful Investing


June 14, 2018

At we want to help our members choose the companies of which they want to be part-owner. We believe that values and principles are individual and so there is no one-size-fits-all investing. With today's mutual funds and roboadvisors, companies are included or excluded based on sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which largely cancel each other out, leaving a rather random selection of stocks. encourages you to choose companies in which you believe. We will help you find those companies in alignment with your values, whether that is getting the best possible return on investment, investing in companies in whose values you believe, or at best  both. With your choice of business sector and country, we will help you choose the best company based the financial value of the company in comparison to the stock price of the company.

Mindful investment means investing in companies whose products and services you know and believe in. Being a mindful investor means that investing in a company is based not only on the amount of money a company earns, but also how that money is earned. Just like mindful consumption, it is not only about quantity, but also about qualities, social, ecological and economic. Ultimately, these are also characteristics that make a company successful.

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